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WWE TLC 2017: 5 surprises that could occur at WWE TLC

Riju Dasgupta
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Could we see another massive heel turn at TLC?
Could we see another massive heel turn at TLC?

We are only a few hours removed from what should be an absolutely sensational edition of WWE TLC, live on the WWE Network. The Shield is back, although without Roman Reigns and with the addition of Kurt Angle. As minimalistic as this card is, it has the legs to be a very memorable lineup.

However, the best kind of wrestling is often the unpredictable kind, isn't it? We are certain that WWE is certain to pull out one or more rabbits out of its hat during the course of the show.

Each of these surprises could bode well for Survivor Series and beyond. The seeds for new programs and feuds could be sowed at TLC.

Here are five surprises that could turn TLC on its head, for better or for worse, and make it a show to remember for a long time to come.

#5 Ambrose turns heel

Could the Lunatic reveal his true colours?
Could the Lunatic reveal his true colours?

All good things must come to an end. Think back to the first run of the "Hounds of Justice". Invariably the first thought that comes to your mind must be that of Rollins turning on his cohorts.

The shock of the moment may even eclipse the trio's incredible first run.

This time it may not be Seth Rollins, who sells his friends out and reveals his vicious nature. Instead, it may be Dean Ambrose who shows us that he has a darker side, and is unafraid to tap into it when the need so arises.

Ambrose may still be bitter about the fact that when he needed Rollins, the latter turned his back on him. This could cause a heel turn in the marquee main event, with a chair shot to Rollins' back.

This could be the impetus for Ambrose to turn when his friends need him most. There have been several rumours about the turn happening. The dynamics of the tag team championship would become very interesting then.

Considering Angle is in the match, we wonder how it'll affect the brand as a whole.

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