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5 surprising decisions WWE could make on Raw this week (30 April 2018)

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One go-home show so many possibilities.

Fresh of a rather underwhelming ‘Greatest’ Royal Rumble event, WWE needs to present an episode of Monday Night Raw that could stun, shock and most importantly surprise fans.

Coincidently this week’s episode of the flagship show is the go home episode before the 2018 Backlash pay-per-view, and with most of the narratives, WWE built up for this show has proven to be disappointing.

That is why this week on Raw WWE need to pull the proverbial rug from under their fanbases feet by producing a show that doesn’t follow the consequential norm of the usual generic format.

This week WWE can put the finishing touches on their build to Backlash while laying the foundation for future storylines, and that can all be achieved if they base this episode on one theme, the element of surprise.

#1 Balor turns heel

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A long-awaited heel turn from Balor

There is no denying that Finn Balor is one the most significant wrestlers to ever emerge in the modern era of professional wrestling.

The former World Champion has achieved every accolade in almost every wrestling promotion around the world. Therefore, his rise to the pinnacle of the WWE was a welcomed sight.

However, ever since the creator of the Bullet Club returned from injury his once badass rockstar power has been stifled by lousy booking, terrible storylines and an overall sense of apathy from the man himself.

From badass ass-kicker to a superstar that can't stop smiling even in defeat, Balor is one superstar, above the rest, who needs a genuinely earth-shattering heel turn.

Moreover, after months of building frustration, Balor can finally implode in Raw this week. Whether it is destroying Seth Rollins or proclaiming he is doing things his way, WWE can produce a crucial moment in this week’s episode of Raw. 

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