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5 surprising moments from Smackdown after Summerslam 2017

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I think Kevin Owens is going to have something to complain about

As I said in yesterday’s article, I really hate beach balls. Who pays hundreds of dollars to attend a WWE show and cheer a beach ball? If you don’t like wrestling, don’t go to wrestling.

After four straight days of WWE shows in Brooklyn, I guess I cannot blame fans for being just a little tired. That being said, the post-Summerslam shows usually provide some nice moments and fun surprises that wrestling fans should enjoy.

While Raw’s biggest surprise was Cena showing up, Smackdown did a much better job of providing fun surprises and exciting new directions for the blue brand. While the beach balls were annoying, when the loud crowd was truly interested in last night’s show, it made the bigger moments of Smackdown seem all that more special.

With all of this in my thoughts, I present my list of the top five most surprising moments of the Smackdown After Summerslam 2017:

#5 Lack of Summerslam wrestlers

Have you seen this man since Summerslam?

One of the blessings and curses of Smackdown is the length of the show. It certainly isn’t a drag to watch a two-hour show. However, it leads to vast portions of the Smackdown roster vanishing from the show for weeks at a time. That has to be frustrating for those talents to do nothing on a weekly basis. Poor Luke Harper.

However, this week made even less sense in the excluding of talent who wrestled at Summerslam itself. Rusev, Randy Orton and The New Day were all absent from Smackdown last night.

The New Day had an excellent match and are among the most popular talents on the blue brand. Why would they not be out demanding their rematch on the very next show?

Randy Orton vanishing for no logical reason seemed very surprising; to see the WWE ignore wrestlers who provided matches at one of your biggest pay-per-views with no logical reason given, was disappointing.

Hopefully, this will be addressed in the next Smackdown.

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