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5 Surprising Moments from WWE Super Show-Down

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19.33K   //    07 Oct 2018, 05:47 IST

A unsurprising moment from the main event.
A unsurprising
moment from the main event. The surprise would come in a few moments.

The combined ages of the four men involved in the main event at Super Show-Down was 206 years old. The WWE always does a good job of building its stars for the future right?

The WWE seems to be sitting up these major international shows like glorified house shows. They seem to be filled with feel-good moments with the good guys winning a majority of the matches. This means the shows are fun but generally not very memorable in the long run. I think I can live with a fun show from time to time and it is nice to see Australia get a major WWE show.

As I am still figuring out why John Cena looks like JBL now, I will try to distract myself and present my list of the top five most surprising moments of WWE Super Show-Down:

#5 The Aussies All Win

Billie and Peyton are shocked to actually win.
Billie and Peyton are shocked to actually win.

Usually having home field advantage is a bad omen in the WWE. The WWE writers seem to like nothing better than humiliating you in front of family and friends. So image my shock when all three Australians actually won their matches. Who knew you could make home country fans actually happy?

The first shock was when Billie Kay and Peyton Royce won their tag match. The poor IIconics haven’t exactly had a lot of wins since moving to the main roster. With their over the top heel antics, they seemed like good candidates to lose at home. Imagine my shock to see them win cleanly at Super Show-Down. It was their biggest victory on the main roster and a real surprise to see it clean. Poor Asuka. She can’t catch a break.

I am not really use to seeing a lot of title changes on International Shows so it was a pleasant one to see Buddy Murphy win the Cruiserweight title. Murphy was actually from Melbourne and seemed like a good candidate to lose at home as well. It what was the best match of the night, Murphy proved why he is the star of 205 Live. I look forward to seeing what the talented Murphy does going forward and happy he could get the big moment at home.

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