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5 Surprising Moments from WWE TLC 2017

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It is
It is time to take out the trash.

So they murdered a guy, right?

TLC 2017 was a show that was put together at the last minute. The WWE really didn’t have a choice with the illness that took out Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. It took a card that looked pretty forgettable and gave us two fun and exciting last-minute replacements matches. I guess the WWE can fly by the seat of their pants sometimes. I know I enjoyed the Raw branded pay-per-view on Sunday night.

With all of this in my thoughts, I present my list of the top five most surprising moments of WWE TLC 2017

#5 Enzo regains The Cruiserweight Title

Hot P
Hot Potato!

I am guessing 205 Live is nearing its possible end. How else would you explain the game of hot potato they are playing with the title? We have had five title changes in less than two months. I am sure none of us will fondly remember the impressive title reigns of Kalisto and Akira Tozawa.

You cannot deny Enzo has brought a lot of attention back to the Cruiserweight Division on Raw. He is among the best talkers in the WWE and it helps bring attention to a group of wrestlers who are struggling. The problem is, Enzo is a pretty bad wrestler and working with the occasionally sloppy Kalisto doesn’t help.

The WWE has apparently decided to go with the good talker over the high-quality matches that we could be having from the Cruiserweight division. I hope that the frequency of title changes will stop for the time being.

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