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5 Tag Teams who should reunite in WWE

Some talented Superstars could find more success by getting back with an old tag team partner.

The Lucha Dragons before their breakup.
Kalisto and Sin Cara were a popular duo who broke up too soon

The Hardy Boyz returning at WrestleMania 33 was a moment fans will remember for a long time, but they aren't the only tag team the WWE Universe would like to see make a comeback.

The history of the WWE tag team division is long and colourful. Some of the greatest Superstars in the history of the company either got their start with a partner or found new life by teaming with someone else looking for a new push.

Seeing a favourite team reunite is always fun, especially if they stick around for more than one or two matches. Today's tag team division is more competitive than it has been in years, but it feels like something is missing.

The Hardys and Usos are both established duos who have been together for years, but every other team on the roster lacks the same kind of longevity. At most, some of the current duos have a couple of years under their belts as partners.

Some great teams could still reunite since both Superstars still work for the company. This slideshow will look at five popular teams WWE should consider putting back together.

#5 The Prime Time Players

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young each have their upsides, but both have struggled as singles stars. Their most success came when they were The Prime Time Players, and it might be time to consider putting the band back together.

Young's weird gimmick with Bob Backlund hasn't clicked since the first segment they performed together, and the Titus brand, whatever that is, has had even less success. Both men need something to get them back on the right track.

Teaming together again wouldn't be a permanent solution, but it would allow them to use their experience as partners to help each other.

The tag scene is already crowded, but there is always room for another team to add some variety to the mix. The Prime Time Players had great chemistry, and they could use it to help young teams get established while also giving themselves a second chance at stardom.

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