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5 talents better off outside WWE

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Jeremy Piven Hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' At Mohegan Sun Arena
The big stage isn't the best for everybody

It's almost a given that the match quality in the independent scene, NJPW, and Ring of Honor can be light years ahead of that in the WWE. In theory, signing talent off the indy scene may bring a wider variety of styles to brands such as NXT, but sometimes success doesn't follow.

Movesets are limited, characters are watered down, and even some of the biggest names are pushed aside to avoid getting trademarked.

Below is a list of five modern wrestlers who may or may not be better off outside the WWE.

Honorable Mention - Dolph Ziggler

The recent years of his career have been rough.
The recent years of his career have been rough.

Although he's currently still with the WWE, Dolph Ziggler has to be one of the most gifted but wasted talents on the entire roster. The more notable earlier stints on his career took place during his pairings with Vickie Guerrero, AJ Lee and Big E, and as a face around Survivor Series 2014. It's a shame to see a guy with an amazing offensive arsenal, ability to sell, and talk, go to waste.

The high of Ziggler's WWE career could be noted as his Money in the Bank cash in as a heel after WrestleMania 29. After a short reign, Ziggler's career started to go downhill.

During the Team Cena vs. Authority angle, Ziggler's momentum was at an all time high. But creative failed to capitalise on his popularity once again. If somebody had to take the title for the best homegrown all around talent, you have a contender right here.

Fast foward to his more recent matches with the Miz. Arguably the best in his entire WWE tenure, with a stipulation of his career being on the line at one point as well. His storytelling against the Miz was at it's best, along with the high stakes in-ring action. It's just sad to see him lose over and over until his character has no credibility left.

Currently, Ziggler is going under a repackage on Smackdown Live and is rumored to face Bobby Roode in the near future. By the looks of it, his career in the WWE may be coming to an end. Make no mistake about it, Ziggler would have no problem finding work on the indy scene, in New Japan, or even Ring of Honor. Given the versatility of his style and how strong his character work is.

Other honorable mentions: Ricochet, Abyss, EC3, Low Ki, The Young Bucks, Rey Mysterio, and Pentagon Jr.

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