The 5 Worst WWE injuries

Even though WWE Superstars aren
Even though WWE Superstars aren't trying to hurt one another, accidents happen
Mike Chin

For as much as professional wrestling is a form of entertainment that is based around predetermined outcomes and storylines, companies like WWE mean it when they warn fans not to try it at home. It’s a dangerous enterprise for which bodies really do absorb physical punishment—even if the performers know it’s coming and plan for it. Moreover, even trained professional can make mistakes sometimes.

WWE is the largest wrestling company world. Many casual fans look at the company as synonymous with pro wrestling, period, and for anyone who started watching in the last seventeen years, it’s almost a certainty that WWE represented their first encounter with the business. With all of that attention and all of its resources, WWE is under a lot of scrutiny. Yes, the company can afford to hire the best of the best, but they also take a more conservative approach to wrestling than a lot smaller companies, including mostly banning potentially dangerous moves like the piledriver.

Accidents have happened over the years just the same. This article takes a look at five of the worst injuries to go down in a WWE ring.

5. Tyson Kidd’s Career Ended With A Muscle Buster

Even the most skilled professionals can
Even the most skilled professionals can't escape the potential for disaster

Hardcore fans recognize Samoa Joe and Tyson Kidd as two of the most proficient in ring performers of their generation. Joe honed his craft around the world before earning his shot with WWE not based on his look or his youthful potential, but rather his undeniable talent. Kidd was seen as one of the last legitimate graduates of the Hart Family Dungeon, and an accordingly skilled technician and aerial artist. Were it not for his relatively small size, he may well have been a breakout star in WWE.

Sadly, Kidd’s career came to an end with Joe hit his signature Muscle Buster move on him during a dark match. Despite both men’s skill and it being a relatively routine spot, Kidd wound up with a nasty neck and spine injury. Those close to the situation have said Kidd was lucky not to wind up wheelchair bound, but regardless isn’t expected to ever work a match again.

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