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5 Superstars Who Are The Masters Of The Suplex

Suplexes are some of wrestling
Suplexes are some of wrestling's most lethal moves
Ali Akber
Modified 20 Oct 2018
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Suplexes have become an integral part of technical wrestling and are one of the moves which are difficult to perfect. Hence, only one in ten superstars can be picked who are good at the art of suplexing.

Originating in amateur wrestling and finding its way into the Olympics, suplexing became a popular part of the sport after the 60's and this has led to many variations of the maneuver to be formed. Two of the most famous variations are the Belly-to-Belly Suplex, and the German Suplex.

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We’ve seen many wrestlers use the move and some even perfect it over the years. Wrestlers such as Cesaro, Rusev, and Bayley currently use the maneuver quite well, and couple it with their finishing moves.

However, the Suplex City is ruled by some famous superstars who have made the move a part of their signature moves. This has made the move synonymous with their names, and amateur wrestlers watch footages of such wrestlers in order to perfect the art of the Suplexing.

Let’s take a look at 5 wrestlers from the WWE who have mastered the art of suplexing.

#5 Eddie Guerrero

Latino Heat
Latino Heat

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the WWE during his time with the company. The late superstar was also one of the best technically-skilled wrestlers in recent history.


He was a complete wrestler and could do whatever he wanted in the ring to near perfection. This included jumping off top ropes, putting on submission holds, deliver dropkicks, and of course, be a master of the Suplexes.

If you aren’t aware of the “Three Amigos”, then you’re definitely not a die-hard wrestling fan. The ‘Three Amigos”, known as German suplexes in wrestling, was delivered by the high-flying superstar before he climbed the ropes to deliver a deadly frog splash and score the win.

This finisher was one of the most iconic one in wrestling, and fans used to wait for the moment Guerrero would pull out the move to end his opponent.

It’s a shame that Eddie’s career and life came to a premature end, he could’ve won many more titles and had much more success in his career.

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Published 20 Oct 2018, 13:56 IST
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