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5 Recent WWE Hires & Fun Facts About Them

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Indy darling Richochet finally made it to NXT this year.
Indy darling Ricochet finally made it to NXT this year.

"Old Stars and New Favorites."

This quote, frequently found on promotional posters for wrestling events in the days before the Internet, perfectly sums up what the average wrestling fan finds appealing about sports entertainment.

They come to the arenas, tune into the cable networks, and stream the matches because they want to see familiar stars and something new, too. WWE is aware of this and takes steps to freshen up their roster on a regular basis.

The WWE has hired some new faces recently. Here's who they are, where you've seen them before, and what to expect in their future.

#5 Smith and Rowe (War Machine)

Smith and Rowe, AKA War Machine

Smith and Rowe, AKA War Machine

Who are they? Well-travelled tag team specialists.

Where have you seen them before? Ring of Honor, New Japan, and various indie promotions.

What can you expect from them in WWE? Hard-hitting matches with equal parts brawling, high flying, and powerful suplexes and throws.

Smith and Rowe, formerly known as War Machine, are two of the most celebrated talents to never have worked for the WWE....until now.


Todd Smith (sometimes referred to as Todd Hanson) is a sixteen year pro who started off as a swollen super heavyweight but trimmed down to a still-massive 275 pounds. He brings a deep moveset and uncanny agility to the game. It's normal to see Smith flip through the air with an arcing, high altitiude moonsault.

Raymond Rowe is only slightly less experienced than his tag team partner, and only slightly less massive. Rowe has a great deal of speed and uses martial arts strikes to complement his brutal takedowns and suplexes.

The pair have been on WWE's radar for some time now. Look for them to dominate the NXT's tag division in 2018

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