5 things you didn't know about WWE Superstar Ricochet's new girlfriend Samantha Irvin 

Ricochet recently revealed that he is now in a new relationship
Ricochet recently revealed that he is now in a new relationship

Ricochet has been one of WWE's most exciting athletes for a number of years. The former North American Champion has been a human highlight reel throughout his time on the main roster. His recent move over to SmackDown is seen as a fresh start for his career.

Ricochet has always been a very public star and this includes his relationships. The former Champion was in a relationship with Tessa Blanchard a few years ago, before later revealing that he was dating Kacy Catanzaro after joining WWE.

Ricochet recently updated an Instagram post revealing that there is a new woman in his life, but who is Samantha Irvin?

#1. Samantha Irvin has been a WWE ring announcer since April

Ricochet's new girlfriend has been part of WWE since April when she announced that she had joined the company's announce team.

Over the past few months, Irvin has updated several Instagram posts from backstage at both NXT and 205 Live.

The former singer revealed that after announcing her first episode of NXT in May, she is now one of the main ring announcers for the brand.

As well as being a ring announcer for WWE's developmental brand, Irvin often works as a backstage interviewer and has been seen on-screen several times conducting interviews with the stars of NXT 2.0.

Irvin shared one of these videos on her Instagram account. She was seen interviewing Sarray ahead of her match against Gigi Dolin back in July.

It's unclear when Ricochet and Samantha began dating, but the former Champion commented on one of her Instagram posts three days ago. The announcer updated an image of her makeup ahead of Tuesday night's episode of NXT, with Ricochet commenting saying: 'Yes Ma'am.'

The comment got the WWE Universe talking before the star posted a picture on his Instagram account confirming their relationship. Samantha posted the same image on her Twitter account but both stars had very different tags along with the picture.

Ricochet used an infinity emoji whilst Irwin chose to use the lock and key, which obviously symbolizes their new relationship.

#4. The WWE Superstar works alongside Ricochet's ex-girlfriend Kacy Catanzaro

As previously noted, Samantha Irvin isn't the only WWE Superstar that Ricochet has dated whilst working with the company.

When the former champion joined WWE, he was known for his relationship with Tessa Blanchard. Following their relationship, he revealed that he was dating American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro.

The two stars have been together for several years and were very open about their relationship on social media. In recent months, the couple failed to share any images of themselves together online, which was unusual. Making it clear there had been a breakup.

Kacy remains a member of the NXT roster, meaning she now works alongside Ricochet's new girlfriend. In recent months, Kacy has been seen on NXT, teaming up with Kayden Carter.

Catenzaro is one of WWE's most athletic female wrestlers given her background on American Ninja Warrior. It's clear that this is where Ricochet and Catenzaro first found common ground.

As already noted, it's unclear when the couple split, since there was no public update regarding the end of their relationship.

#3. The WWE announcer was a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent

Like many female WWE ring announcers over the years, including Lillian Garcia and even Jojo Offerman, Irvin is also a singer.

Under her real name Samantha Johnson, she was able to sing her way into the semi-finals of America's Got Talent back in 2015. Johnson was put through to the Judge Cuts round following her audition.

The current WWE star was only cut from the show after the semi-finals. This wasn't Johnson's only taste of reality TV. She tried out for American Idol several times in the past but never got very far.

Irvin also has a background in the performing arts. She was the drama club director at Normandin Middle School for several years before deciding to live her dream of becoming a singer.

It was noted whilst on the show that she is the oldest of six children and that her parents are separated.

#2. The WWE ring announcer is also a flutist

There are a number of current WWE Superstars who have hidden talents. While many current WWE Superstars have revealed conventional talents including singing and dancing, Irvin's talent is much more unique since she is an incredible flute player.

The current ring announcer worked several jobs before being employed by WWE, including being the flutist on Fox TV show I Can See Your Voice.

The 31-year-old worked on the show for several years before announcing her departure in October 2020. This was a number of months before she was hired by WWE. The series has since been renewed for a second series following her departure.

Since leaving the series, Irvin has continued to share her love of performing and playing the flute with her followers on both Instagram and Twitter. Given the impressive content that she has been sharing online, it's easy to see WWE allowing Irwin to share her gift with the WWE Universe one day.

#1. The WWE Announcer has a 4-year-old daughter called Myra

As well as working a full-time position for WWE, Samantha Irvin has revealed that she's also a mother.

The current WWE ring announcer revealed publicly that she gave birth to her daughter Myra LeeAnn back in October 2017. The girl recently celebrated her 4th birthday.

Irvin often updates cute Instagram posts alongside her daughter. She has made it clear that being a mother comes first in her life.

The WWE star isn't the only one in the new relationship with a young child. Ricochet also has a son.

Ricochet often includes his son in his Instagram updates and notes as part of his profile that he is a proud father.

Irvin and Ricochet have been able to bond over a similar schedule as well as trying to raise their young children. As seen from the images above, it's clear that Ricochet's son is much older than Myra's daughter.

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