5 things learned from WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston's Sportskeeda interview

Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion
Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is one of the most respected and long-tenured superstars on the WWE roster.

Kingston is currently a member of the Monday Night RAW brand, alongside his fellow New Day partners, Xavier Woods and current WWE Champion Big E.

This past Monday, The New Day faced off against Friday Night SmackDown's Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Tag Team Champions The Usos in a six-man tag team match.

After some interference from Bobby Lashley, Reigns was able to get the victory for The Bloodline.


Sportskeeda Wrestling's Rick Ucchino recently sat down with Kofi Kingston and interviewed the WWE Superstar. A variety of topics were discussed, including a preview of the huge 6-man tag team match that took place on Monday, as well as addressing Big E's WWE Championship victory, The New Day, and much more.

Let's take a closer look at five things we learned from WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston's Sportskeeda interview.

#5 Kofi Kingston discusses Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship reign so far


Arguably the biggest talking point throughout the ThunderDome era of WWE programming was Roman Reigns' heel turn and character change.

After a brief hiatus from the company, Reigns returned at SummerSlam 2020 and subsequently turned heel, aligning himself with Paul Heyman.

The Tribal Chief quickly recaptured the Universal Championship and has held the title for over one full year.

Kofi Kingston stated that he feels like Roman has grown immensely since they shared the ring previously, and that the Universal Champion has found his true persona:

"Oh my god yeah. For sure, like I think this past year, Roman has really found himself. You know? Just this cool, cocky, collected, sadistic persona. It just feels right. I think we all saw it during the pandemic when we're watching it unfold. Like 'this Tribal Chief thing, he found it!' You get on the edge of your seat and you want to know what he's going to say next and how he's going to perform. So obviously Roman brings a lot to the table when you talk about this rivalry [with The Usos]. But yeah, we've mixed it up with Roman too. The New Day and The Shield have had some incredible matches. But I think the difference is, like I said before, Roman has grown so much, so much since those days. Now he's like the best version of himself," Kingston stated.

#4 Kofi Kingston comments on WWE Champion Big E now having a bullseye on his back as champion


WWE Champion Big E has switched from SmackDown to RAW after winning the title last week.

This meant reuniting with his New Day partners Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Ahead of the New Day's epic six-man tag team match against The Bloodline this past Monday, Kofi Kingston was asked about multiple names such as Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, that could interfere in the match.

Kingston admitted that Big E would now have many people vying for his WWE Championship, but with The New Day reunited on RAW, they will have each other's back:

"That's what I'm saying man, that you never know. I think the best part about WWE is when all the different stories really start to interconnect in a meaningful way. Like man, trust me I know how quickly a championship reign can end. Bobby experienced it. It's just like that. All of a sudden now we're off to the next thing. I know like you said man, Bobby and MVP, it's not going to sit well with them. So we've got to keep our heads on a swivel at all times. Luckily now Big E is on RAW at least more frequently now and he has us to kind of watch his back too. I think there's going to be a lot of people gunning for him," Kofi said.

#3 Kofi Kingston shared how The New Day comes up with ideas for their ring gear to wear on WWE television


The New Day is known for wearing some of the best ring gear in all of WWE on a regular basis.

Past New Day gears have included cosplaying as Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, and recently The Outsiders on WWE Monday Night RAW.

When asked about how they come up with ideas for their gear, Kofi Kingston stated that The New Day takes their gear very, very seriously:

"Yeah, we take our gear very seriously. I don't think anyone on the roster takes their gear as seriously as us. I've always been a gear guy. If you go back and look at all my older, old-school Kofi Kingston logo enfused with Batman or The Joker or The Riddler of whatever it may be. And then you go and look at Woods' stuff, he's done a lot of crazy stuff. He's a cosplayer, a professional cosplayer if I may say so. He takes his gear very seriously too. So when we started to get together and we started going back and forth with gear ideas, boy is something special, something dangerous boy!" Kingston recalled.

#2 Kofi Kingston talks about how underrated WWE Superstar Xavier Woods truly is


After Big E won the WWE Championship recently, Xavier Woods became the only member of The New Day not to hold a World Championship during his WWE career.

This has led to a lot of discussion about when Woods will have his "moment" in the spotlight. The RAW star has openly spoken about his desire to win the King of The Ring tournament, which is rumored to return this year.

Kofi Kingston put over just how underrated Xavier Woods is both in the ring and outside of it. He admitted that The New Day wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Xavier Woods:

"Yeah you hit the nail right on the head too. Especially going back and watching the videos, and then obviously knowing Xavier too, he'll be like 'Oh! I don't want to be World Champion.' He's very underrated number one. Incredibly underrated, I don't think people understand his wrestling mind is legit top notch. Having conversations with him and talking about matches and ideas. Top notch wrestling mind for sure. The New Day doesn't happen if Xavier Woods doesn't have the idea culminating in that big cauldron that he calls his brain," Kofi stated.

#1 Kofi Kingston reflects on Big E winning the WWE Championship


Big E successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Bobby Lashley to become the WWE Champion for the first time on Monday Night RAW two weeks ago.

Quickly after his victory, the new WWE Champion was joined by The New Day as the trio celebrated in the middle of the ring.

Kofi Kingston said that the moment still gives him goosebumps. However, he tried not to get his hopes up too much before it happened because plans can, and will, always change in professional wrestling:

"Man, it was incredible. I'm still getting goosebumbs just thinking about it. The fact that it actually happened. That's not to say that I didn't expect it to happen. But, being around for so long you kind of get accustomed to things changing, especially at the last minute so I didn't want to get my hopes up. You know something all of a sudden 'oh things have changed. We're going to go this route. We're going to do this...' So I try not to invest emotionally into anything until it actually happens because then you get upset and you're devastated and all that. But, it happened and Big E made it happen and I couldn't be happier. It's so amazing!" Kingston revealed.

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