5 Things that might go wrong with the WWE Cruiserweight Division

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Modified 26 Jul 2016
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If WWE fans are excited about what is going to happen with both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live now that the company has found success with Battleground and is moving toward SummerSlam, then they have to be equally excited about the Cruiserweight Classic tournament that has been a total success on the WWE Network.

The innovative concept, which has once again given all of us a chance to see some of the greatest talent from across the globe is just one more reason WWE is making this new “era” it continually talks about work in ways it should have been doing five years ago.

This is a dig at the McMahons or the creative team, rather it is a time to finally jump forward with talent, rather than going to the well once too often and not yielding water – which in the case is results.

The cruiserweights of professional wrestling are without a doubt the most enjoyable segment of any television program or pay-per-view because of the high risk, high rewards get from watching their favorites take chances. Nothing’s changed since the days of Chris Jericho and Jushin Thunder Liger in WCW.

This kind of tournament can generate that kind of excitement, but WWE has to be careful not to allow it to slip through its fingertips. In other words, don’t let a good thing get away. Here are five things that could go wrong if the company does not work hard to make the cruiserweight division one of the best parts of the new WWE machine.

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Published 26 Jul 2016
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