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5 Things Roman Reigns haters need to know

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Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns has always been "The Guy" for WWE

Roddy Piper, Bob Backlund, Bruiser Brody, John Cena.

All of these men generated tremendous, polarizing controversies during their careers. While these men have their fans, there are detractors as well. Some of these detractors can become a quite vocal chorus at wrestling shows.

Take, for example, John Cena. When his music plays and Cena hits the stage, many people react with thunderous applause and cheering. However, the chorus of "John Cena Sucks" sung in tune with the famous trumpets on his entrance music, must also be noted.

Given the fickle nature of wrestling fandom, one can never be certain how the wind will blow. For years, wrestling fans hated Backlund, but when he retired suddenly, fond memories bubbled to the surface. The same could be true for John Cena, whose long stint, has earned him a grudging respect among longtime wrestling fans.

Then there's Roman Reigns. As part of the Shield, he was the silent, brooding enforcer, the heavy, the one who came in to finish people off. This role was well suited for him, but then the Shield split and Roman was thrust into the main event immediately.

The result has been polarizing, to say the least. While many cheer for Roman (particularly female fans and children), he also has a vocal chorus, booing him at every live event. But, there are five things these Roman Reigns haters need to understand.

#5 Reigns is a good wrestler

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He's not technically gifted, but, he's a hard-worker

Despite what his detractors may think, Reigns is actually a top-tier wrestler.

While he may not have the deep move set of AJ Styles or Nakamura, Reigns does have the ability to work with anyone of any size and, make the match look good and snug.

Rarely does Reigns make mistakes, and even technical wizard Finn Balor has praised Roman Reigns' work ethic and smoothness in the ring.

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