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5 things that could happen on RAW next week

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20.45K   //    10 Jan 2018, 10:45 IST

balor club
The Balor Club enter the ring to do battle with Jordan, Rollins, and Reigns

The second episode of the new year was a pretty quick and easy show to get through. It wasn’t necessarily a very good show, but it wasn’t a bad show either. The wrestling was below average for what has been par for RAW recently, but the show didn’t drag, which is a win in my book. And they got some stuff done! That’s always good to see, especially with only two more episodes of RAW to go before the Royal Rumble after this week. Last week, I thought these things would happen…

- Asuka makes Nia Jax tap out

The match was indeed scheduled, so I’m giving myself a half a point for that, and it will be taking place next week. I’ll retroactively give myself another half a point if Nia taps out next week. Instead of a match, Nia attacked Asuka from behind and beat her down before her music even finished playing. It was a continuation of the Nia/Alexa on-again-off-again relationship. It was annoying how they did it, though. Asuka speaks English ALL THE TIME. That’s a really terrible mistake.

- No Cruiserweight Title match… again

The title match did end up taking place this week, and it was a pretty decent contest. It’s tough to tell if Enzo actually got hurt on the dive that ended the match, but as well acted as it was, the finish didn’t appear to be changed, so I’ll assume they just did a really good job of selling the hurt ankle. He did take a hell of a shot to the face that busted him open around his eye, though. I found it off that none of the members of the Zo Train came out with him. I don’t watch 205 Live but I’ve read that there has been some infighting in the group. Maybe they broke up. I don’t know.

- Jordan, Reigns & Rollins vs. Joe & The Bar

“The Champions Club” took on the reunited Gallows, Anderson, and Balor in the main event of RAW this week. I can’t really give myself a point for them having a match. Samoa Joe talked about Roman Reigns but appears to have moved on at this time (to leave the Miz to take his place). Hopefully, Joe’s possible injury doesn’t ruin his run, because it looked like they were setting up a possible Joe vs. Cena match at WrestleMania. That would be fantastic.

The Bar lost to Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil in a somewhat baffling move, because it’s not going to lead to anything real for Titus Worldwide, so why bother? Sheamus and Cesaro will get their rematch with Jordan and Rollins at the Rumble PPV and probably lose, thus ending this saga once and for all, I hope. Or they’ll win the titles back as a way to further the Shield/Jordan angle. I’m not really sure where any of this is going, and I like that.

- Matt Hardy enters himself in the Royal Rumble


As expected, both Matt and Bray entered themselves into the Rumble match this week, so I’m giving myself a point and a half for this one. They actually went face to face in the ring, in an in-person version of the back and forth laughing that they did on the screen a few weeks back. Nothing groundbreaking or even all that entertaining, but it’s slight progression. One would assume they will eliminate each other from the Rumble match and eventually face off one-on-one at WrestleMania. Chances of it being worse than Bray’s match against Randy Orton last year, thankfully, are very low.

- Balor, Gallows & Anderson are guests on Miz TV

I was wrong about this one, and as I wrote last week, I’m very glad. Instead, the reformed Balor Club defeated two-thirds of The Shield and Jason Jordan in the main event. Is there any plan for Balor and the Good Brothers? It’s tough to say. But there was no interaction with Miz’ buffoons, so that was great. Miz TV, by the way, was fantastic, and Miz is amazing. A great start to the year, and hopefully he will win the IC Title in a couple weeks at the 25th Anniversary of RAW.

Overall, I went 2 for 5 this week. Well, I got 2 points. One half-pointer and one that I gave myself an extra half a point because I’m allowed to hand points out to myself however I please. In any event, after what happened this week, let’s see what might happen on the penultimate episode of RAW before the Royal Rumble.

#5 Jordan and Rollins lose to The Miztourage

jordan reigns and rollins
Jordan, Reigns, and Rollins prepare for battle with the Balor Club

To advance on the story that they played up this week, an overzealous Jason Jordan will somehow end up costing his team a match to Miz’ henchmen. Interference from The Miz will definitely take part in helping his team gain the victory, but the story will be Jason Jordan making another mistake and causing his team the match.

I think it’s a bit of an odd angle to take with the story, as Jordan has been portrayed as overconfident but proficient over the last few months. He’s excitable, but doesn’t do stupid stuff in matches and doesn’t really wrestle like a “rookie”. That was completely flushed down the drain this week, and unless it turns out that he did it on purpose for some reason, it’s the way they are going to go until Jordan and Rollins lose the belts.

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