Clash of Champions edition: 5 things that could happen on SmackDown live next week

owens and zayn
Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will fight for their careers on Sunday

This is the first edition of five things that could happen on an episode of SmackDown Live following a PPV event, so it includes some theories for what could happen at Clash of Champions this Sunday. Before I get into that, however, let’s start with what I predicted last week.

- The lumberjacks square off in a 6-woman tag

This didn’t occur, although the Ruby Riott vs Charlotte Flair non-title match did devolve into a big melee between all of the women involved in the Women’s Title match this Sunday. The segment worked better than a tag match would have, as it was actually a really great, chaotic segment that sold the gimmick for the PPV.

- Four-Way match between one member of each team in the Tag Title match

WWE opted to do just a standard tag match between current Champions The Usos and one of their four challengers, Aiden English and Rusev. The other two teams were watching from ringside, all staking their claim for the gold this Sunday night. Rusev and English won on this fine Rusev day. I'm convinced they are going to win on Sunday.

- Mojo vs. Ryder and Bludgeon Brothers vs. Ascension announced for Clash PPV

I was very close with this one, as Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder will indeed face off on the kickoff show. Ascension’s pals Breezango will instead be challenging the Bludgeon Brothers at the Clash of Champions event, finally closing the chapter on the “2B” saga. I’m very interested in seeing how the Breezango/BB match goes. Will they just destroy them or will the match be competitive?

- Another rematch between Ziggler and Roode

Instead of Ziggler vs Roode, they did Ziggler vs Corbin, which I didn’t expect because it’s a heel vs. heel match, but they did it anyway. It didn’t last very long, as Bobby Roode interfered pretty quickly and took out both men. I did predict that Roode would stand tall, however, so I am going to give myself half a point.

- Daniel Bryan tries to convince Shane McMahon to let him be the referee

Instead of pleading with the Commissioner of SmackDown Live, Bryan just decided to insert himself into the match as the second guest referee. He did so without the knowledge of McMahon, which didn’t seem to cause any tension based on their short interaction on Twitter this week, but it did make Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn very happy. It’s tough to say exactly is going to happen with the two guest refs, but Zayn and Owens aren’t losing their jobs.

- Overall, I ended up going 2.5 out of 5. I’m giving myself half a point for Bobby Roode standing tall, half a point for Daniel Bryan just making himself the referee and a point and a half for the Mojo/Ryder match being announced (1 point) and the Bludgeon Brothers getting a match, even though I had the wrong opponents (half a point).

#5 Zayn and Owens are still employed

bryan and sami zayn
Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn argue during Kevin Owens' match with Nakamura

I have no idea what’s going to go down this Sunday night at Clash of Champions, but there’s no way I can see Zayn and Owens losing their jobs. I know that getting “fired” never sticks, but they won’t get fired on Sunday.

It will be very interesting to see exactly how it is going to play out, but I am excited to find out what they do. Will Shane try to screw Zayn and Owens? Will Bryan side with them? Will it turn out that Shane is actually on Sami and Kevin’s side the whole time? I have no idea, but somehow they’re going to find a way to keep Owens and Zayn on the payroll.

#4 Bludgeon Brothers meet up with The Ascension

bludgeon brothers
The Bludgeon Brothers have been brutally destructive for weeks

I expected this to happen at the pay-per-view on Sunday, but 2B will be dealing with Breezango first. Instead, after they kill Breezango at Clash of Champions, The Ascension will look for revenge for their good friends this upcoming week on SmackDown, and amazingly the Bludgeon Brothers will get their first real challenge.

The Ascension will have some new life breathed into them when they see their best buds get the life beat out of them on Sunday and fight their hearts out.

Now I don’t know how plausible this really is, but I would love to see Konor and Viktor actually become a real tag team again, and a hard-hitting loss to the Bludgeon Brothers can be a great way to get that ball rolling.

#3 Rusev and English have a big celebration

rusev and english
It will be a SUPER Rusev Day celebration!

I am betting on Rusev and English on Sunday, which means on Tuesday a celebration will be in order for the new tag champs. Rusev will be given the key to a new city! Sunday, December 17th will be declared SUPER Rusev Day!

Aiden will sing his most epic song yet, after winning a much-deserved and earned championship alongside a man who has been so criminally underutilized it almost feels like WWE is intentionally trying to throw away money.

Seriously, how is Rusev not the WWE Champion? He NEEDS to win that belt this summer. The man is the total package. In any event, we will start small with the Tag Team Championships on Sunday night and a big celebration that will surely be very rudely interrupted by The Usos. I’m hoping that not only do they get the victory, but actually get to hold onto the belts for at least a few months. Rusev and English are a great act and deserve as much spotlight as can be provided to them.

#2 Ruby Riott becomes #1 contender in battle royal

ruby riott
Ruby Riott punishes Charlotte during their match on SmackDown Live

This will be the precursor to the announcement of a women's Royal Rumble. I don’t think the Women’s Rumble will be announced on this show or the episode of the RAW the night before, but on SmackDown this week, all of the women except for the Women’s Champion (either Charlotte or Natalya) will face off in an over-the-top battle royal to determine the next challenger for the championship.

Ruby Riott will win possibly by last eliminating a returning Becky Lynch (rumour is that Miz may return on Monday, so Becky could return on Tuesday since they were filming the same movie), or if Becky isn’t available, then Naomi. This will spawn discussion about a Royal Rumble match for the women, which will be announced fairly soon. My bet would be that Stephanie McMahon will return on the January 8th episode of RAW to announce it.

#1 Orton turns on Nakamura

randy orton
Randy Orton may be on his may be on the road to going back to his dastardly ways

After they lose to Owens and Zayn at Night of Champions this weekend, Randy Orton will turn his attention to Shinsuke Nakamura. It’s been quite a while since Orton has been a bad guy, and according to what he has said in interviews, he prefers to be a heel. The time spent with the Wyatt Family doesn’t count in my eyes, but for a brief period of time, he seemed a bit interesting and different. It was a welcome change, and a full-time turn would be even more welcome.

He will take Nakamura out with an RKO out of nowhere, leading to a feud that sees Orton use underhanded to tactics to become #1 contender for AJ Styles’ WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. He won’t win, but Nakamura will win the Rumble match and go on to take on Styles at WrestleMania.

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