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5 things that Dean Ambrose needs to change in WWE

It's time for Dean to shake things up.

Top 5 / Top 10 10 May 2017, 19:34 IST
Dean Ambrose could do with a few changes

One thing that sets Dean Ambrose apart from the every other WWE megastar is that he’s different. He talks differently, he walks differently, and he certainly acts differently on a week to week basis. To some, that’s one of his greatest assets, but as far as we’re concerned, he needs to alter the course if he wants to stay at the top.

Obviously as one of the most popular superstars in all of WWE right now a few fans will likely disagree with some of these comments, but such is the nature of professional wrestling. We’re never all going to agree 100% of the time, so there’s no point dancing around the facts, especially when they’re this obvious.

Dean is a highly capable performer both inside and outside of the squared circle as he’s proven on many different occasions over the years. Unfortunately, we’ve grown a little tired of the “lather, rinse, repeat” nature of his character and something needs to be done to change it.

Some of these points are subtle, and some of these are a bit more extreme, but we’re confident that they’ll all benefit Ambrose as a performer in the long run.

So with that being said, here are five things that Dean Ambrose needs to change in WWE.

#1 Rebound Lariat

Delete, delete, delete

Oh Dean, why can’t you just do a standard clothesline? It may not seem like a contrived move, but it really is, especially when you can see it coming from a mile away. It’s such a predictable move, and it doesn’t make sense for superstars to fall for it continually, and the worst part of it all is actually Michael Cole.

The supposed Voice of WWE always calls it a wacky line or something of that description, and it just further encourages that “wacky” mentality that we as fans want Dean to shake oh so badly. Sure he can be a little bit mad in the same vein as Mick Foley, but calling him wacky just makes things feel way too watered down and PG.

Speaking of which...

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