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5 Things that must happen if WWE is to succeed in 2017

If WWE can make changes to its programming and booking, 2017 could be a banner year

Top 5 / Top 10 17 Oct 2016, 06:21 IST
Sweeping changes to both Raw and SmackDown Live would help make WWE better

Enjoy WWE the way it is now because it won't last long.

The idea of a brand split, new rosters, and new rivalries are a great thing for professional wrestling, but the way things are currently, it cannot last forever. With the climate of lack of depth for both red team and blue team and, there are dark days ahead for Vince McMahon.

You can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it. No promotion from sports centre or ESPN or the Sporting News or anything of the like can help it. Changing cultures dictate there will be problems in the near future.

How does WWE change all that? That's a good question. The fact that there is no level playing field for both brands to succeed is a major problem.  No matter how far the company's going to go and no matter how you slice it, the disorganisation on both sides of the brand means there will be booking issues and turmoil.

Vince McMahon may like controversy, but in this case, it does not create cash. It creates heartache. 2017 has a chance to be a very good year for this business, and this company. But there must be changes made in order for that to happen.

Here are five changes that have to happen if WWE is to succeed in 2017

#1 Bigger Role for Wyatt

WWE must find a way to use its top talents more effectively

The most underutilised character in WWE needs a little help. The company needs to figure out how to make Bray Wyatt a fixture in the main event. If Wyatt, who does his best work with his "family" is to achieve ultimate success, WWE needs to find a way to put a belt around his waist.

It's quite possible he could challenge John Cena or AJ Styles for the title. It’s also a possibility he could become Intercontinental Champion. A program with Dolph Ziggler is enticing. The blue team needs to make that happen.

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