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5 things that need to happen on Raw this week (30 April 2018) 

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Even though this episode of Raw is a go home edition, specific narratives need to conclude

After the 2018 Superstar Shake-up, Monday Night Raw’s roster is looking unbelievably one dimensional, as major stars such as Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy are critical players on Smackdown Live.

However, the red brand can still manage to produce a strong episode of Raw if the creative team focuses on crucial aspects they usually ignore, as that might stop the broadcast from turning into a repetitive replay of earlier episodes.

From giving underused superstars a push to concluding many storylines in unexpected ways, the go-home episode of Raw can prove to be more than a preview for the poorly built Backlash pay-per-view and more of a catalyst for many more stories that can start to take shape in the months to come.

Therefore, that can only happen if WWE makes these few fundamental decisions on this week’s broadcast.

#1 Underused stars get the push

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WWE needs to give many of their 'jobbers' a chance

The majority of Raw’s roster consists of overlooked talent that has been misused throughout their time in the company, and for what it is worth this might be a perfect time to start rebuilding these characters by giving them a new motivation, new storylines, and secure booking.

WWE has the chance to capitalize on Titus o Neal’s newfound popularity after his well-received botch from the Greatest Royal Rumble match.

Also, they also have the opportunity to set Jinder Mahal on a new path of redemption after losing two title matches in a matter two weeks, and they should continue the Miztourage’s quest of finding a new leader on Raw.

These narratives may seem insignificant, but it could result in a success story for one of these unappreciated athletes shortly.

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