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5 things that should've happened on Raw this week (23 April 2018) 

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WWE could've set the scene for a hot 2018 on the red brand.

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw was expected to feature groundbreaking action, scintillating storytelling and a step in the right direction for WWE’s flagship show. However, WWE once again delivered a monotonous broadcast that repeated many of its familiar booking strategies, underutilised many debuting stars and continued a World Title programme that has fans begging for a conclusion.

In many ways, the go-home episode of Raw before the Greatest Royal Rumble event featured more advertising for the matches on the card, rather than WWE building anticipation for it. This week WWE could’ve put together a much more entertaining show that would’ve had fans excited for next week’s edition of the programme. 

Here are five things that should've happened on the red brand this past week.

#1 Hardy and Wyatt recruit some new Woken Warriors

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WWE could've introduced the newest Woken Warriors to the WWE Universe this week

Woken/Broken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are the most interesting dynamic on Raw, but the creative team have yet to fully utilise their immense potential. From constant laughter to their sarcastic rounds of appulase, these eccentric Superstars are not given new material to work with every week.

Moreover, their match with The Ascension was an uneventful affair that led to a predictable squash. Instead of WWE booking this likely scenario, they could’ve flipped the script and could have had Wyatt and Hardy recruit The Ascension as new Woken Warriors.

This is a gimmick that would fit the 'residents of the wasteland' like a glove, and it would've been a much better utilisation of them on Raw. This wasted opportunity would’ve added layers of depth to Matt Hardy’s Woken Universe and presented it as a legitimate threat to the rest of the roster.


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