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5 things that shouldn't have happened on RAW - 11th June, 2018

Kishan Prasad
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Was this your reaction until the main event?
Was this your reaction until the main event?

This was RAW's last attempt to create hype for the upcoming cobranded PPV, Money In The Bank. The show gave us very little reason to get excited for any other match other than the MITB Ladder matches.

The only highs of the show were the fatal four-way matches consisting of the MITB ladder match contestants and a solid segment by Elias that was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Ever since Backlash, it wouldn't be wrong to say that only these components have made RAW worth watching and to an extent, the rise of the B Team can be added to the list.

Overall, it was a very poor showing by the red brand to try and get us excited for the matches that will be taking place in less than a week's time. Even though the show was underwhelming, these five things could have been avoided or could have happened differently.

#5 No major role for Constable Corbin to play

What e
Why did they need a constable?

Last week Baron Corbin announced that he'll be Stephanie McMahon's representative on RAW to keep a check on Angle, it felt like WWE had plans of them crossing paths and arguing on decisions.

This week, Corbin had almost zero input towards the show. He interrupted the General Manager of RAW to repeat what the constable's role is and just restated the fact that Stephanie would be unhappy if both MITB briefcases didn't make their way to the Monday night shows.

Corbin thus far was a solid contender for any title in the WWE. It just may be lazy booking or the fact that Lesnar doesn't appear on RAW that has made Corbin lose out on many opportunities to actually go after a title.

Whatever may be the reason, we hope that either the Constable Corbin character gets more TV time and plays the role of a heel to perfection or the entire idea is dropped and he is made to do what he is best at and that is, compete in the ring.

This aside, we really think the bald look suits The Lone Wolf. What say?

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