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5 Things That Tell Us We Are In the New Era of WWE

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Dean Ambrose will defend his WWE World Title against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam

Those fireworks you saw across the horizon over the past few days were set off by WWE and its monumental explosion from Battleground to Raw and ending with Smackdown live. To say this has been a week Vince McMahon and his brood will never forget is quite the understatement.

There has been so much excitement that has oozed out of the pores of this promotion in a three-day span, that may never be topped again. How and why this took so long to happen is anyone’s guess, but now that the new era is upon us, let’s take a page from one Chris Jericho and “drink it in.”

WWE took a big chance by trying something this creative – making sure Battleground was as dominant a pay-per-view as there has been in some time, and a huge transformation of both signature shows on USA Network; it was exciting, energy-packed and most of all, hopeful.

As I have said before when it comes to this business, we need to temper the excitement a bit. It’s only been one week. After a few of these impactful shows and a superior SummerSlam, then we all can proclaim WWE as a company that has gotten its act together.

Regardless of how “new” things are in WWE, there is plenty to applaud and ask for more. These are five reasons why we are all keenly aware this is a new era of professional wrestling.


Nia Jax is just one of the NXT superstars making the jump to WWE

Just the redesigning of both programs shows us that the McMahons understood the staleness WWE had to deal with. Regardless of new superstars coming up from NXT and being signed from other promotions, programming needed an edge.

The Draft and new rosters, new general managers and a new cutting edge makes all of think this is “real.”

With Dean Ambrose facing Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins taking on Finn Balor, we know the company is putting an emphasis on selling the product with four of the biggest “sellers” in the company.

The camera work is better, the packaging is better. Everything is at a fever-pitch right now.

WWE also put a lot of stock in its rising talents like Nia Jaxx, Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews and the many tag teams to make the jump. This truly is a new generation of sports entertainment.

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