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5 Things that Triple H does better than Vince McMahon

The future is bright if the WWE passes on to The Game's capable hands

High time for the proverbial ‘passing of the torch’?

We all know that Vince McMahon will be in-charge of the product till he is no longer physically able to cope with the daily production schedule and that WWE’s resident power couple of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, are being groomed to take over after him.

With NXT and the CWC, Triple H has set the tone for what fans can expect after he completely gets the reins of the company, and what a mouthwatering appetizer it has been thus far.

His handiwork has reflected a much keener understanding for what pro-wrestling fans of today require from the product, so much so that many fans have been left thinking – wishfully I might add – if only WWE could be more like NXT.

And with good reason too.

On that note, we examine 5 things that Triple H does better than Vince McMahon with his work behind the scenes.

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