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5 Things that WWE hides from its fans

From wrestler relationships to the magical powers of referees, here are some things that WWE hides from us.

The ‘Kayfabe brothers’ of destruction

The most integral part of the professional wrestling business is the fans. Every promotion out there thrives on their fan base and WWE is no different. Being the largest wrestling promotion out there, it is important for the company to keep its fans happy.

While it might sound like an easy job on paper, as wrestling fans, we are well aware of the demands that we have.

It would also be safe to say that the professional wrestling fan base is among the most demanding group of people out there. Keeping the fans happy applies on different levels. One factor that the fans would want from a promotion like WWE is full disclosure of certain things.

Even though there is such a need among the WWE Universe, WWE wants to keep some scenarios away from their fans and in this list, we are going to look at some of them.

#5 Chris Benoit

The man that got erased from history books

This is an obvious entry into the list. While wrestling fans would remember Chris Benoit for being one of the best wrestlers of his era, what happened in his personal life has made Benoit an outcast in the WWE Universe.

The fans do address Benoit every now and then but WWE likes to keep everything related to Benoit in the hiding.

The way in which they talk about WrestleMania XX and the Royal Rumble that preceded it are prime examples of how WWE is trying to erase Benoit from its history books. But the legacy he left in the wrestling business is not that easy to erase and somewhere deep down, everyone in the WWE is aware of this as well.

To an extent, CM Punk is also getting a similar treatment these days but unlike what happened with Benoit, Punk would be welcomed back if he decides to take a U-turn and say goodbye to his mixed martial arts dreams.

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