5 things Vince McMahon doesn't like about Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens might not be as universally liked as one would assume

He's loud, brash, entertaining and he's your WWE Universal Champion. On the face of it, there's not much to dislike about Kevin Owens. He’s a family guy, a 5* star wrestler and the best heel on Monday Night Raw. 

Fans love him because he entertains them on TV and trolls them on twitter.

However, if you look at the RAW superstar through the eyes of the boss Vince McMahon, it's a whole different story. The boss has always been funny in his assessment of talent and if you don't fit his generic mould, he'll never accept you.

Here are 5 things Vince McMahon doesn't like about Kevin Owens.

#5 His popularity

Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw
Kevin Owens has had a total of 360 matches in his career winning 47% of them

Vince hates when superstars get over by themselves. If it wasn't orchestrated by his own hands, he resents it. If they do get popular in their own right, Vince loves to try and alter them so he can take part of the credit.

Owens has a following outside of the WWE universe because of his 15 years of wrestling across the globe. That graft and years of hard work have led to hardcore fans supporting him at live events, regardless of his heel persona.

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Wrestlers like Owens that buck the trend of WWE booking, irritate the hell out of the creative team. Writers condition and book matches in specific ways to have faces cheered and heels booed, but when wrestlers like Owens always get cheered regardless of how they're booked, it winds them up massively.

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