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5 things we would be guaranteed of when Triple H takes over WWE

WWE COO Triple H
Shikhar Goyal
Modified 09 Sep 2018
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Change is the only constant in this world and the same applies to the world of professional wrestling. There's no denying that Vince McMahon has given his life to the company. However, we all know that his days as the chairman of the company are numbered.

Triple H might be taking over the company from Vince McMahon sooner than later. After making NXT a huge success, Triple H might consider doing the same to the entire company. Here are five things we would be guaranteed of when Triple H takes over.

#5 More wrestling, less comedy

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Nobody cares if he got kids

If you watch NXT, you will simply see that the main focus of the brand is wrestling. It simply shows what Triple H is focused on. Considering the main roster, you may see comedy and other non-required acts rather than wrestling. It tells us the difference between the booking Triple H does and the booking Vince does.

It simply shows that after Triple H takes over, we might see less of comedy acts. Expect better wrestling decisions and matches to take place on weekly shows rather than food fights and other comedy acts.

#4 Better match quality

WWE's last main roster Five-star match was in 2011

We all know Triple H makes better booking decisions than Vince McMahon.

The main roster matches are lacklustre if we compare them with NXT matches. NXT delivers great matches every week, something rare on the main roster.

If we talk about NXT, Triple H's creative decisions led us to four five-star matches this year and the first ever five-star match of WWE in seven years. This guarantees us that whenever Triple H takes over, we are going to see great matches every week on the main roster.

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Published 09 Sep 2018, 01:03 IST
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