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5 things WWE got right on Smackdown Live this week

9.63K   //    13 Feb 2019, 17:07 IST

A go home show that delivered for the most part.
A go home show that delivered for the most part.

The rivalry between Raw and Smackdown Live may not be as intense as it was when WWE first introduced the brand split back in the day, but it never stops fans from comparing each brand to one another. As the performances of superstars, the freshness of the matches booked, and the entertainment factor in each brand is still important to the WWE Universe out there.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Smackdown Live may have edged out Raw this week for the brand that booked the best go home show, as the booking of this episode was explosive enough to keep fans guessing for the matches at the pay-per-view.

And while Raw brought the firepower this week with some really risky decisions like replacing Becky Lynch in the Raw Women's Title match, Dean Ambrose essentially turning babyface and the decision to put the Raw Tag Team Titles on The Revival, there was still cracks in their episode.

Smackdown Live's creative team, on the other hand, had scaled down their show to the foundation, which allowed them to present a program that didn't have to rely on big booking decisions, but it gave fans what they just want to see, and that is wrestling with all its weekly spectacle.

#1 Charlotte Shuts Down The WWE Universe

She is the best for a reason.
She is the best for a reason.

People hate Charlotte Flair for her position in the company, for her push over other 'deserving' superstars, and they hate her for the number of title shots she gets without earning it.

And you know what, that is what makes Charlotte the best heel in the company, and while that might anger certain fans, that is the truth. Charlotte Flair is the best wrestler in the women's division, the best at being a heel and possibly the best champion in the new era of women's wrestling.

And after WWE announced that Charlotte would replace Becky Lynch in the Raw Women's Title picture on Raw, fans all over the world have rebelled against that decision, as they wanted this to be Becky's time to shine.

While the truth is that the Raw Women's Title match should have just been between Becky and Ronda Rousey, Charlotte's insertion is just genius as it is a wonderful misdirection which will make Becky eventual triumph much more entertaining to watch.


And this week on Smackdown Live, Charlotte made sure to rub it in fans faces that their hero Becky won't be able to fulfil her dream as she is just not Wrestlemania main event worthy, which is why Mr. McMahon replaced her with Charlotte.

This promo was excellent follow up to the announcement on Raw, as Charlotte really showed her ability as a top tier superstar by destroying the fans. And if you think the fans aren't that angry at Flair's remarks, just take a look at the likes/dislike ratio on YouTube, and then realize that Charlotte is doing her job right, and WWE is booking this programme with a plan in mind.

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