5 things the WWE should stop doing in 2018

Should Brock Lesnar still hold the Universal Championship belt?
Should Brock Lesnar still hold the Universal Championship belt?WWE does a lot of amazing work but there are many things that the company does that can drive even its most loyal fans crazy.

Everything in life has to run its course and these are five things this year that we're almost certainly tired of.

#1 Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's son

Like father, like son?

I'll start with one simple question. Who thought this was a good idea? I realise you are telling a story but if you make a story too outlandish and unbelievable no one will buy it. The teasing of a Kurt Angle scandal was intriguing at first but when we found out that it was a child Kurt didn't know about for 29 years, (who also happened to work for the same company) it was just too much to ask the fans to suspend their disbelief. We live in the age of information where you can fact check anything immediately.

If anyone was on the fence about if Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's real son they merely had to look up Jordan's Wikipedia page, and see it's just a storyline. A story that's already getting old.

Furthermore, this 'angle' has not seemed to benefit Jason Jordan. As a part of American Alpha, Jordan won the NXT and Smackdown Live Tag Team titles. That team was looked at by many as something that could be special, but the WWE saw something with Jordan and decided to make him a singles competitor with a premier storyline.

The question is how does this end? Will Jordan be Angle's on-screen son until he is done with his run in the WWE? Personally, I think this saga will end when it's revealed that Jordan made up the story of being Angle's son and was using Angle to get ahead in the WWE. It's possible a big twist like this could save this story, but it may already be too late.

#2 The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

That's a big trophy!

Andre the Giant is one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. That is precisely why I don't want to see this match attached to his name any longer. I can somewhat see the purpose that this battle royal is supposed to serve. It's a way to get the rest of the male superstars a spot on the Wrestlemania card. Using Andre's name immediately adds some prestige, but that obscenely large trophy bearing his name is the only reward. No title shots or anything of substance.

This battle royal has not benefited any of the winners. It looked like maybe it would be a big push for Ceasaro, the first winner, with the addition of Paul Heyman shortly after his win. However, this was short-lived and he was relegated to the low to mid-card. One of the biggest pushes came to this year's runner-up Jinder Mahal, who had a drink thrown in his face by Rob Gronkowski.

This was probably the most memorable moment the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has ever produced. That for me is reason enough to discontinue this match.

#3 Booker T commentary

What are you talking about Book'?

This one hurts me to say, but it's true. As an in-ring performer, I was and am a big fan of Booker T. His commentary, however, is not nearly as spectacular. I frequently go back and forth with myself on this. Booker brings a lot of energy to the announce table. As well as a wealth of experience to draw on as a someone who has practically done it all as a performer.

Despite all the positives Booker T often struggles to convey coherent thought. He occasionally says things that are factually wrong. The most frustrating thing is how he constantly contradicts himself during a broadcast; sometimes even during the same segment. Bobby Heenan (one of the best announcers of all-time) often flip-flopped during a match, especially battle royals, but when Heenan did this it felt like it was by design.

When I hear Booker T do it I just think he is not keeping proper inventory of what he is saying. When he is called out on it, he often doesn't have a response. At least not one that makes sense.

Maybe Booker T could be moved down to NXT or have some other role in WWE. Removing Booker from comentary would open up a space for Nigel McGuiness or the return of Mauro Ranallo.

#4 Having big moments at non-televised house shows

Imagine this being a PPV we all could watch

I realize that live shows are a big source of revenue for the WWE, and having big moments at those shows will go a long way towards increasing the attendance at future shows. Some examples this past year include AJ Styles beating Kevin Owens for the United States title, Adam Cole vs. Drew McIntyre with Shawn Michaels as guest referee, and the Starrcade event.

While I don't mind the fact that they are providing big matches and moments to their live audience, I do mind the fact that the rest of the fans do not get to share these moments. This is especially frustrating now that the WWE has their own network. I think if they were to put some of these live events on the network it would generate a lot more views which would, in turn, translate to further revenue for the company.

#5 Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion

Enter ca
You can be champion forever if you only defend the title 3 times a year

Let's start by saying I've got nothing against Lesnar. In fact, I rather enjoy watching him and Paul Heyman in the WWE. However, it's time for a new champion. Since he won the title back at Wrestlemania, he has defended the title a total of three times in an eight-month span.

While putting the belt on Lesnar gives it instant prestige and credibility, the downside is the title is not defended, seen or even mentioned on television very often. This is exceedingly strange for what is essentially a world championship.

Taking the title off of Lesnar doesn't need to be done immediately. I personally would like to see a title change by Wrestlemania 34. A title change from Lesnar to someone who competes every week would help the WWE Universal Championship become the focal point of Monday Night Raw once again.

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