5 things WWE subtly told us on RAW - Interesting name to be a part of Goldberg & Bobby Lashley feud, Reason why Karrion Kross lost again

Goldberg and Bobby Lashley came face to face once again
Goldberg and Bobby Lashley came face to face once again
Riju Dasgupta

An episode of WWE RAW is not exactly Westworld or Lost where a lot is subtly said. That said, seasoned viewers can often spot patterns in WWE's booking which will indicate what awaits them in the months that follow.

Honestly, this episode of WWE RAW was a pretty underwhelming affair from start to finish. The one thing that the company told us is that nothing major will happen on the road to SummerSlam, because the pieces have fallen into place already.

So, with that said, what were some of the aspects of WWE RAW that may have slipped under the radar unless you were paying close attention? Here's our humble attempt to list 5 of them for your reading pleasure.

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#5 Expect Gage Goldberg's WWE RAW cameo to lead to more appearances until SummerSlam

Bobby Lashley has MVP in his corner, whether it comes to partying with pretty women or just being a source of inspiration to become a killing machine. But could Goldberg, a man who has traditionally hunted alone, have a cornerman of his own as well at SummerSlam 2021? Yes, it could be someone we saw on WWE RAW this week!

Gage Goldberg could certainly add a very distinct flavor to the upcoming clash between his father and the WWE Champion. So far, it's just been billed as a battle of two men made of granite. If Gage Goldberg enters the equation, as he seemingly did this week, it would add a new dimension to the upcoming fight.

The storytelling on WWE RAW certainly needs more layers than your A+B=C formula, which is what young Gage could bring. Who wouldn't root for a father fighting for his family?

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