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5 things you did not know about Mick Foley 

Riju Dasgupta
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Think you know Mick Foley? Think again.
Think you know Mick Foley? Think again.

Mick Foley has put his body through so much damage, as he risked his life on a weekly basis for our entertainment, that the effects are obvious. He's had more surgeries than most other human beings have, and sometimes, as we have seen on television, he has trouble remembering his lines, because of the multiple chair shots to the head, sustained over several decades.

However, all said and done, Mick Foley is a multi-faceted man who has done much since he retired from the ring. He transitioned amazingly into an on-air authority figure and is the author of several books as well. Of course, he's been a part of several film and television roles too. He's been one of the biggest supporters of women's wrestling and has played an important role in helping the Women's Revolution reach its potential.

This piece is a tribute to one of the greatest entertainers of all time. One that did not know the meaning of the word 'fear' and lived broke the mould of the traditional WWE superstar 'look', allowing superstars like Kevin Owens to thrive in WWE. One that immortalized three diverse personas and still made them his own.

Here are five things that you did not know about Mick Foley. Read on, folks.

#5 Reason for the 'Mankind' character

Mick Foley revealed the reason why he wrestled in a mask!
Mick Foley revealed the reason why he wrestled in a mask!

As we discussed previously, the traditional WWE superstar does not look like Mick Foley does. Foley was on the stockier side, not clean shaven, missing a few teeth and also, missing an ear. Vince McMahon was not a fan of his at all, initially. It was only at the insistence of Jim Ross, a man who saw a lot of potential in Foley, that he was brought into the company.

When McMahon agreed to hire Foley, he had one condition, though. He would cover up Foley's face! This story was confirmed by Bruce Prichard to Foley, quite recently.

However, thanks to Vince McMahon's reluctance to show Foley's face on television, one of the greatest characters in history was born. Foley embraced the persona of the deranged Mankind, and the rest, as they say, is pro wrestling history!

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