5 Things You Didn't Know About Aleister Black 

Michael McClead

#3. Black Is Driven By Fear

NXT's Aleister Black Uses His Own Fears To Energize His Terrifying Character
NXT's Aleister Black Uses His Own Fears To Energize His Terrifying Character

Aleister Black has been terrified since he was a small child. As an eight year old little boy, he began researching the occult, conspiracy theories, cults, and devil worship. He became so overwhelmed with anxiety that he developed a paralyzing fear of the dark that 'paralyzed' him for years to come.

While Black eventually overcame his fear of the dark, deeper fears have plagued him throughout the majority of his childhood and the entirety of his adult life. Black was terrified of his father. According to Black, his own father's childhood was so troubling that he prefers not to talk about it. Black compares his father to The Terminator, the cyborg assassin played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Black says about his father, "I often reference my dad as my best friend and my worst enemy." Black used his once troubled relationship with his father as fodder in building his professional wrestling character.

Black credits fear with playing a huge role in his life, "A lot of fear. I feel that’s where my anxiety comes from. A lot of fear. I always feel fear, even just in daily life I feel fear. [Even now] I’m frightened a lot...I remember a lot of fear, being frightened, anxiety, sadness, anger, injustice. It’s a lot of headbutting emotions."

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