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5 Things you didn't know about Corey Graves 

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#4 Graves' on-air reactions are authentic

WWE Announcer Corey Graves
WWE Announcer Corey Graves

While WWE is often accused of being overly scripted, Graves prefers to have an authentic natural reaction while on commentary. In fact, he doesn't know what will happen during the in-ring action he calls and prefers to keep it that way.

Graves told Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling,

"A lot of that is my preference. It's not really an ordinance. It's not nothing they told me. It's not that I can't know things. I feel like it's more enjoyable for me and my ability to convey the emotions is better when I can be surprised, or be unsure, or not know what the finish is."

That doesn't mean it's the case with all of WWE's announce crew,

"Some people like to know every punch that's being thrown and every aspect of the match. I don't like that. It's just my personal preference because somehow after all these years have managed to still be a fan to an extent and I feel that's definitely lended itself to me being successful as a commentator. Obviously, I look at it with my own slant and heavy dripping sarcasm, but I don't like to know."

Throughout his two-decade professional career, Graves has managed to hold onto a childlike enthusiasm for professional wrestling which shows in his work,

"There's nothing more exciting to me to this day, after even being with WWE for however long I've been here, than being surprised. We still put up with everything, good, bad, and indifferent because we're fans and we want the good stuff. In the event that something happens, something shocking, there's still no better visceral feeling than going, 'Holy sh*t, I didn't know that was going to happen.' I love that and think everybody feels that way."

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