5 Things you didn't know about Vince and Linda McMahon's marriage

The two have known each other for 55 years
Akash Cillanki

#3 They were forced to file for bankruptcy

The early days were rough for the McMahon family

One of the driving factors behind Vince McMahon’s relentless worth ethic is his refusal to accept the state he was in when Linda McMahon was pregnant with Stephanie. The McMahons were forced to file for bankruptcy.

They were bankrupt for two weeks when they forced to live off food stamps but Vince worked 90 hours a week at a quarry doing manual labour in order to pay off all his family debts and then set his sights on expanding his influence in his father’s company, which would soon become his.

This would be the catalyst for Vince’s mad idea to go national and eventually global to build the largest wrestling promotion the world has ever seen in order to ensure his family led a life where they lacked for nothing.

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