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5 things you need to know about Ricochet

Sean Anderman
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WWE better not waste such a fantastic talent!

The wrestling world was abuzz when WWE announced that they had signed Ricochet. Even though he's currently 29, he's been wrestling since he was 15. It would be great to see him up on the main roster, but he will stay on NXT right now. Which isn't bad considering the high-level talent NXT holds right now.

I can't wait to see matches Ricochet is in against Adam Cole or Drew McIntyre. A match against the current NXT champion will blow minds as well.

Ricochet has competed everywhere on the independents over his career. Basically, if you're going to put on a show, you need Ricochet there or it won't feel complete. He's earned that.

Fans might be unaware of him, so here are 5 things you need to know about Ricochet.

#5 He and Will Ospreay broke the internet

Match of the year!

It's hard to shock wrestling fans nowadays, but when these two-faced, it not only shocked fans but the internet. They both wrestled a 20-minute classic that fans everywhere talked about.

This match was up for debate as well. Was this really wrestling or just extreme acrobatics. Every generation of wrestling has their own style of wrestling. Today's style is the over the top wrestling dubbed ''Flippy Sh*t''.

Legends like Vader went to Twitter to talk down the match, saying that it isn't wrestling and just ''acrobatics without a story''. Most old-timers were fine with the match; Stone Cold was even a fan of the match. If you get his blessing, you know you did well.

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