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5 Things You Should Know About Tye Dillinger

Sarah Hirsch
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Tye Dillinger looks to become a force in NXT

Many fans can agree that NXT Takeover Toronto was the perfect start to the Survivor Series weekend. From start to finish, the show delivered the way only NXT can. It put to rest the idea that maybe the developmental brand has passed its glory days.

Let’s talk about that hot opening match between Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode. The two had a great showing in their match-up and Dillinger shined in what is one of his finer performances for NXT. Both men are seasoned veterans, and that was displayed during their bout. 

Roode is such a great heel, while Dillinger has transitioned well in his babyface role. The crowd response to Dillinger was amazing. Fans are on board with The Perfect Ten.

With the huge positive crowd response, Dillinger will perhaps get a chance to show what he is made of, for NXT. He has grown into his gimmick, and it works. Will Dillinger finally make his way to the higher ranks? Only time will tell, but with the hot start on Saturday night, the promise is high.

Dillinger is, perhaps, one of the bright performers in NXT that is destined to explode onto the scene. But the thirty-five-year-old veteran has years of experience under his belt. That leads to sharing some tidbits to discover about The Perfect Ten.

#1  The NXT Superstar that trained him

SAnitY would be a catalyst to the Dillinger/Roode feud

Dillinger started training in 2001, where he went to the WrestlePlex school in his home province of Ontario. There he trained under the tutelage of Eric Young, who is one of the current members of the faction SAnitY. 

In an interview, Young spoke high volumes of Dillinger. He also states that it was the first school that Dillinger went to, and says that he’s proud of training The Perfect Ten.

Both men have come far since then, and Dillinger has crossed paths with SAnitY, during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament. However, he didn’t interact with Young, but that’s not to say that couldn’t possibly happen sometime in the future. 

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