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5 Thoughts that went through the mind during the House of Horrors Match

Daniel Crump
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 10:37 IST
A rollercoaster of emotions.

We’ve now had a couple of night’s sleep since the equal parts awful, bizarre and hilarious House of Horrors match at WWE Payback 2017. While there are many articles across the internet retrospectively discussing people’s reactions to the match, I felt it was appropriate to share some of the thoughts that went through my own mind while watching it live. Here are 5 of the most notable ones!

#1 Was that Bray’s actual house?

The Wyatt Refugees?

Since arriving at the WWE a few years back, the Wyatt family seem to have moved houses a fair few times. At one point, they were located in a swamp-like area with crocodiles and other aqua based predators roaming around. Bray would sit there on his rocking chair, looking out over the water, chuckling to himself while the rest of the family walked around in masks, staring into the camera. 

Then we had the more recent Wyatt accommodation where Sister Abigail was meant to be buried. Perhaps these are the same places; it’s not really clear. But we never did find out about the fate of the crocodiles. Perhaps Bray had them all turned into boots, which seems a little unfair. 

After Randy unhelpfully burnt Bray’s house to the ground, the family were forced to move again, this time to somewhere seemingly close to the SAP Centre in San Jose. The Samoa Joe Vs, Seth Rollins match probably lasted close to 20 minutes, so that would have given Bray at least half an hour to get to the arena in Randy’s car. Bray is usually billed as coming from Lafayette, Louisianna, which definitely would not have allowed him to reach San Jose in that time.

Presumably, then, this was not his principal residence, but a temporary accommodation he had built for the purposes of the match. Does that mean Bray travels the country erecting scary houses in every state just to get his kicks? That’s a pretty terrifying thought itself. 

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Published 02 May 2017, 17:56 IST
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