5 Times Brock Lesnar was allowed to do whatever he wanted in WWE

What Brock Lesnar wants Brock Lesnar gets
What Brock Lesnar wants Brock Lesnar gets

#1 Brock Lesnar was allowed a sponsorship deal

Brock Lesnar was the first and only wrestler in WWE history that had a sponsorship deal with another company that saw him adorning the sponsor's logo on his merchandise. During his UFC run, Lesnar was sponsored by several companies, just like other MMA fighters. One of those companies was the American sandwich chain, Jimmy John's.

After Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012, he continued sporting the Jimmy John's logo on his attire until the sponsorship deal reportedly expired in early 2019. Lesnar had a very lucrative contract with WWE that allowed him to do certain things that other wrestlers could only dream of, such as earning lots of money through a sponsorship deal.

WWE Superstars are currently not even allowed to use third-party apps such as Twitch and Cameo, yet Brock Lesnar, because he's such a huge star, got away with a sponsorship deal in a professional wrestling company. Vince McMahon knew very well how valuable Brock Lesnar was, so he didn't let a little sponsorship deal stop him from signing The Beast.

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