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5 Times Brock Lesnar crushed WWE jobbers you don't remember

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:39 IST

#4 Paul London

Brock Lesnar took Paul London out of the equation
Brock Lesnar took Paul London out of the equation

Brock Lesnar was the WWE Champion during 2003 and was ruling the roster with an iron hand. On one of the episodes of WWE SmackDown Live, there was a bit of a mismatch, as he was scheduled to face Paul London.

Paul London was clearly not ready for Lesnar, and although Paul London is anything but an actual jobber when facing Brock Lesnar that was the only purpose that he filled.

Lesnar started the match with a cheap shot when London was far from ready. He continued with an extended Backbreaker and then hit running Powerslams against the turnbuckles. He then hit a Powerbomb on London basically taking him out of commission altogether.

The punishment continued for London, with an F5, which was actually not necessary at this point. The pinfall followed, and Brock Lesnar picked up the win. By the time Lesnar was done, London was practically an unmoving body.

Published 02 Apr 2019, 07:14 IST
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