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5 times Hulk Hogan's insecurities were bad for business

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Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is arguably one of the greatest WWE Superstars in wrestling history. But every legend has their flaws. Apart from obvious deficiencies in his wrestling ability, Hulk Hogan’s insecurities have been prominent for decades. Many a wrestler has come out to publicly criticise for how he changed the course of their careers due to his insecurities.

You can’t deny that Hulkamania didn’t define wrestling, but arguments can be made that it ran on for a few years too long.

Hogan became addicted to fame and refused to let go of it. His refusal to let it go hindered the wrestling business and almost undid all the good work he had previously done.

Here are five times Hulk Hogan’s insecurity was bad for business.

#5 Refusal to put Bret Hart over

Hulk Hogan holding the title at Wrestlemania 9
Hulk Hogan beat Bret Hart in the last minutes of WM9 after he had beaten Yokozuna

The true purpose of a top guy is to draw crowds, sell merchandise and raise the level of competition. Hulk Hogan did two of those things; the third criteria is something he could never quite grasp.

Hogan just didn’t understand that he had to put over others for the betterment of the business. All he felt was that if he won, the company thrives, but he didn’t know that in the long-term, he was killing wrestling.

As Hulkamania began to run to an end in the early 90s, Vince McMahon knew he’d have to breed a new crop of stars. Bret Hart was one of those contenders and the boss wanted Hogan to put him over clean.

Instead, Hogan exercised his top guy power and deemed Hart to be not good enough for such a main event status, which he told to Vince in no uncertain terms. If it weren’t for Hogan leaving in 1993, Bret Hart may not have become the star he was destined to be.

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