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5 times WWE forgot it is a PG show in 2016

These segments pushed the envelope, and shocked the WWE Universe.

Certain moments this year, weren't very PG rated

The Attitude Era of the mid-90s was characterised by steamy and violent programs. At a time when WWE was doing abysmally; the company decided to become edgier and cater to more mature audiences, in the hopes of competing with WCW. In doing so, they ultimately won the ratings war and drove their competition out of business.  

Fast forward to 2016 and WWE television ratings have plummeted to record lows. While we’re still very much in the PG era, over time, we’ve witnessed that WWE throws in shades of the Attitude Era, with sexy, bloody and mature themes.

Of course, fans love this, considering that it makes the product appear much more realistic. But at the same time, it does draw gasps, oohs and aaahs from the audience.

Let’s look back at 2016 and five segments where WWE forgot that it was a PG show.

#5 Vince McMahon says the F word

Vince McMahon wanted to give Shane an ‘effing beating’, live on air

In this countdown, the boss leads by example!

One of the loudest pops this year was for the returning Shane McMahon. Interfering during the presentation of the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence awards, he confronted Vince and Stephanie McMahon and said that he wanted ownership of Monday Night Raw.

As the angle unfolded, during which Vince McMahon would set up a Wrestlemania match between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker, Vinnie Mac made the ultimate gaffe. 

McMahon Senior told the younger McMahon that he'd get a ‘f%^&ing’ beating. The crowd could not believe their ears and gasped in unison. Of course, this error was edited out soon after. While it was an accident, this incident sets the tone for the rest of this countdown. 

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