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5 Times non-wrestlers have held a championship.

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Sometimes the most unlikely people end up wearing the gold.


The road to becoming a champion in professional wrestling is long and arduous. Just ask Sting, who in spite of being wildly popular with NWA crowds was made to wait years for his first title reign.

Or you could ask Eddie Guerrero, who wrestled over twenty years before he was given a shot with one of the 'big belts.'

Or, just maybe, you could be at the right place at exactly the right time, and become a world wrestling champion! Here are five people who did just that.

#5. Adam 'Pacman' Jones--TNA World tag team champion


Many times, a non-wrestler will still at least have to, well, wrestle, in order to win a title. Even if they're not trained wrestlers, they can still take a bump or two, right?

Not if they're suspended NFL star, Pacman Jones. Jones signed to wrestling with TNA, but due to a court conflict was forbidden from actually making contact with any of the wrestlers.

Not only did TNA still put Pacman on cards, they booked him to win the world tag team titles, in spite of not being able to so much as high five another wrestler. He mostly threw footballs at his opponents. Thankfully, this travesty didn't last long.

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