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5 times professional wrestlers retired unexpectedly

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Sting's career was ended by Seth Rollins
Sting's career was ended by Seth Rollins

For all the hullabaloo that professional wrestling is actually scripted, a lot of people seem to forget that the wrestlers actual put their bodies through hell in order to provide us with our weekly dose of entertainment. There is nothing scripted about the risks they take with their bodies day in and day out.

So, when tragedy does strike in the form of serious injuries, WWE superstars are often forced into extended rehabilitation periods or even in more serious cases, retirement. With the WWE often packing real injuries as a part of a storyline, it often comes as a complete surprise when these superstars reveal to us that they're actually saying goodbye forever.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 times professional wrestlers retired unexpectedly:

#5) Sting

When Sting signed with the WWE back in 2014, it left fans around the world in shock as they had never expected to see The Stinger sign with Vince McMahon - especially in his 50s. But, he was still a massive deal and looked to be in top shape showing little signs of slowing down so things were looking good.

Unfortunately, things came to a screeching halt as The Icon was injured by a botched Buckle Bomb from Seth Rollins forcing him into an early retirement less than a year into his WWE run. It came from out of nowhere and left the business saddened.

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