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5 times Vince McMahon got humiliated on national TV

Five instances that McMahon would want to forget.

McMahon finds himself in yet another humiliation situation 

When you think of the life of a CEO, what are the first few things that come to your mind?

Probably endless meetings, loads of paperwork, infinite hours in front of the computer, and litres of coffee- all in the quest to earn truckloads of money which you hardly get any time to enjoy. Then again Vince McMahon isn’t your average CEO.

The WWE chief is one man who knows how to make it to the top of the corporate ladder and have fun while doing it. However, even the best are caught with their pants down at times, and Vince McMahon, who literally had his own share of trouser mishaps, is no exception.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five times Vince McMahon got humiliated on national TV.    

#5 The time Stone Cold destroyed his prized Corvette and all he could do was watch

Okay, some of Stone Cold’s antics towards McMahon have been way more entertaining than this, but the Corvette incident walks away with the prize due to Stone Cold’s savage plan as well as McMahon’s utter helplessness. The Rattlesnake caused McMahon severe physical pain in the past but decided to go one step further by torturing him mentally.

How did he do that? Well, in typical Stone Cold fashion he rolled into the WWE HQ with a cement truck, pulled straight up to McMahon’s prized $50,000 Corvette and proceeded to unload its contents all over the car, destroying it completely, much to the horror of the wheelchair-bound McMahon, who could do nothing but watch the incident unfold on his monitor.

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