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5 times wrestlers broke character on air and you totally missed it

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Triple H consoles a young fan off the air after making him cry

Breaking character used to be something frowned upon in the wrestling industry years ago, even outside the ring. However, things have changed now and we see practically every wrestler on the planet out of character on their social media accounts.

However, one thing that still is a taboo is breaking character on air, but make no mistake, it's been done many times. There have been times where it's been noticeable, but what about the times when it happened and you missed it?

Without any further ado, here are 5 times when you probably missed wrestlers breaking character on-air:

#5 Kofi Kingston breaks character to insult country music

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The New Day had their one-year anniversary celebration in music city

It was 2015 and The New Day were celebrating their one-year anniversary and they were in the midst of their second run as WWE Tag team champions. This was the early stages of what would go on to become the record-breaking 483-day tag title reign.

Since they were in Music City (Nashville) on the night, a great way to get heat was to insult the beloved local country music. The New Day were going on for minutes insulting country music when Kofi Kingston popped the line of the night:

This is me saying this, not my character. Country music suuuuuuuuuuucks!

It definitely took everyone by surprise when Kofi Kingston unsubtly broke character on-air just so he could insult country music. One would have to wonder what the backstage reaction of that could have been.

You can watch the clip in good quality over here

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