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5 Times WWE Superstars had body doubles

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Taker and Faker

You would think that the WWE knows that their audience is not that stupid. It’s only up to some limit that you can suspend disbelief. But no, the company still goes ahead with pulling off some major logic-defying, head scratching moments that you have to just sit through.

Imposters are such things that are as ridiculous as ridiculous comes. Thinking that there might be ‘ two’ much of a good thing is a romanticized notion. Actually, it is usually hard to sit through watching an imposter make you believe he is the real deal. But sometimes, rarely, it worked.

Throughout WWE’s history this has happened a handful of times 

Here are those instances where imposters came to the fore-

1.The Underfaker

The year was 1994, Undertaker’s feud with Yokozuna had just ended and he was dumped into a casket by his rival. He left the company for 7 months to take a break and nurse his injuries. In the middle of that absence, WWE began airing videos showing people who claimed that they’d seen the Undertaker. Undertaker re-emerged after Wrestlemania X. But only this time, it wasn’t the Undertaker, it was an imposter played by Brian Lee, a travel friend of the real Undertaker.

He wasn’t able to fill those shoes. Fans realized the ruse and called him ‘Underfaker’. The real Undertaker returned at Summerslam and faced this imposter and defeated him after delivering three tombstone piledrivers. 

Underfaker was put in a casket and never returned. Ever. 

2.Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon

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Jim Ross and Fake Razor Ramon

Why oh Why Vince Mcmahon thought he could pull off this idea is a mystery. In 1996, after Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left WWE for WCW, McMahon thought about having with their gimmicks. He made Jim Ross introduce two people who acted like Diesel and Ramon. Diesel was played by the same man who became famous as Kane. The one who played Ramon never returned after his contract expired.

Well, painting yourself green doesn’t make you a frog.

This gimmick lasted all of three months.

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