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5 Titles that should move brands in the WWE draft

Nicky Pags
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WWE Titles
WWE Titles

This week kicks off the 2019 WWE roster draft, with the two-night event taking place on SmackDown this Friday night, and on Raw next Monday night.

All current WWE roster members, including members of the NXT and NXT UK rosters, will be available for the draft, meaning it will truly be an anything goes two-night event this week and next.

The roster draft will be used to definitively set separate rosters for Raw and SmackDown in WWE, effectively ending the Wildcard Rule instituted back in the summer which saw members of Raw and SmackDown appearing on each other's shows in order to boost declining TV ratings.

This year's draft will have higher stakes than ever, as both NBCUniversal and FOX will no doubt be vying for top talents to appear on Raw and SmackDown, respectively, and it remains to be seen how WWE will divvy up the talents.

Another important thing to keep an eye on during the WWE roster draft is the status of current Champions, who could be drafted to another brand and take the titles with them. So given the above, let's take a look at five WWE titles that should move brands during the draft.

#5 The United States title should move to SmackDown

AJ Styles
AJ Styles

It seems as if WWE is currently pretty high on The O.C. on Raw, as the company decided in recent months to re-team AJ Styles with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to re-form The Club, which WWE considers to be the "official" club in pro wrestling.

It's very possible that all three members of The O.C. could be moved during the WWE roster draft, but if not, it might be a good idea to move AJ Styles and The United States title over to the SmackDown brand.

With SmackDown likely being offered as more of a sports-oriented product on FOX, it would make sense to have one of WWE's best in-ring wrestlers on the show, and really build up the U.S. title with excellent bouts.

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