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5 Wrestlers to watch in WWE’s United Kingdom Championship Tournament

Who are the men you need to keep an eye on in the upcoming UK Championship tournament?

Who will be crowned the first U.K. Champion?

The last couple of years have been exciting for professional wrestling fans in Great Britain and that looks set to continue with the upcoming WWE tournament to crown the inaugural United Kingdom champion.

The UK fans have long been recognised as some of the best in the world and are now set to be rewarded for their passion. The aforementioned tournament is expected to be just the beginning of more WWE-produced content that will air from the British Isles.

Triple H announced at a recent press conference that WWE plans to do no less than 30 shows in the United Kingdom in 2017 and outlined a four-year plan that they hope will ultimately lead to a weekly UK show.

However, the long-term success of WWE in the British market depends heavily on the upcoming United Kingdom Championship tournament that will take place live on the WWE Network on the 14th & 15th January.

The 16 men that will compete to become UK Champion may not be that well known to the WWE’s global audience, so with that being said, let’s take a closer look at five guys that you should be looking out for in the UK Championship Tournament.

#1 Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews is the only Welshman in the tournament

First up is someone that fans may be familiar from his time in TNA, and that’s Mark Andrews.

Despite being just 24-years old, Andrews is one of the most experienced competitors in this tournament, having been performing for the past ten years. His biggest claim to fame thus far in his career is when he fought off competition from the likes of Noam Dar and Grado to win the second season of TNA’s British Boot Camp.

The influences of his idol Shawn Michaels are evident in Andrews’ high-flying style of wrestling, and it is this exciting move-set that has captured the attention of fans during his career. This is also what Andrews will be hoping will set him apart from the technical, hard-hitting opponents he will face in the UK Championship tournament.

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