5 Twists In Brock Lesnar's Draft Pick

  • A serious look at how the draft pick will fit into Brock Lesnar. Oh wait...
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Modified 16 Jul 2016, 21:28 IST
How will the Draft treat the Beast Incarnate?

The Draft. The WWE Universe. The Possibilities. The Beast. 

Where is The Man Who Broke The Streak going to end up on July 19th? Is he treated like every other wrestler on the roster? Or will he get special treatment due to his unique standing in the company?

Will he be a Raw guy, a Smackdown dude, or something else entirely? Does it matter? Most of the talent, it’s assumed, is going to end up on one show or the other, Raw or Smackdown, Red or Blue.

But Brock is not most of the talent. No, I think if any one wrestler’s draft position is going to shock the fans, it’s gonna be the guy that beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. So let’s explore the possibilities.

#5 Raw Is Brock

Brock Lesnar could lay claim to Monday Night Raw

Brock being drafted to Raw makes the most sense.

It’s still WWE’s flagship show –  the heart and soul of promotion for the product as a whole. It’s where, historically, all the important non-PPV matches happen, big announcements are made, Superstars and sometimes rubber hands are born.

If you’re lucky, Hoda and Kathie Lee might show up and embarrass everyone involved (I’m not even sure they know what a WWE is).

Brock’s not a dominating pro wrestler. Brock’s not an MMA warrior with an impressive background in collegiate wrestling. Brock’s not a WWE Superstar. Brock’s not a UFC fighter and former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock’s not the youngest WWE Heavyweight Champion. I’m not even 100% sure Brock is human.


Brock Lesnar is an EVENT.

For real, he doesn’t even have to show up sometimes.

Give me a pre-taped Lesnar segment where he talks about grown men peeing themselves and I’m gonna be glued to the TV screen 10 out of 10 times. By keeping Lesnar on Raw it keeps that brand special.

Just because Smackdown is getting a shot in the arm doesn’t mean that WWE wants us to turn our backs on their biggest show. Brock is Vince McMahon’s secret weapon –  might as well keep it on their biggest battleship.

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Published 16 Jul 2016, 21:28 IST
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