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5 twists that could happen in the SmackDown Live after Hell in a Cell

The stage is set. Will SmackDown Live deliver?

Top 5 / Top 10 10 Oct 2017, 12:33 IST

If booked right, this could be an explosive episode of SmackDown Live
If booked right, this could be a very explosive episode

After what was a pretty intense edition of Hell in a Cell, the aftermath of the event will play out on SmackDown Live, this week. Last week's go-home show was a disappointment, and the viewership tanked because of how poorly the show had been put together.

This week, there's a chance to rectify the wrongs of last week and ride the momentum of the pay-per-view to create some compelling television. If any of the five twists we list here play out at the show, it could be a very massive success indeed.

In fact, as good as this week's edition of RAW was, SmackDown Live has a chance to even top that. Here are some of the way by which it can.

Let us know in the comments if you find our possibilities likely.

#5 Triple H returns for retribution

Imagine a feud between Kevin Owens and Triple H!
Imagine a feud between Kevin Owens and Triple H!

Triple H has a strange habit of turning on his own guys. After taking Seth Rollins under his wing, Triple H cost him the Universal Championship and handed it over to his next guy, Kevin Owens.

Now that Owens has put both his father-in-law and brother-in-law out of commission, let's hope that the "King of Kings" will come back strong, seeking revenge. It could lead to a program between Triple H and Kevin Owens for Survivor Series.

Both men are exceptional on the microphone, and with the right booking, this could be the big marquee match, for the grand pay-per-view. Owens proved that he can steal the show with a non-wrestler like Shane McMahon, so he could tear the house down with Triple H come Survivor Series.

There's another big name who could make a return, come SmackDown Live.

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