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5 underutilised Superstars who have been with WWE for a long time

How long?!

Did someone say underutilised?

Joining the WWE as a Superstar is a lifelong aspiration for wrestlers all around the world, but not all is as it seems when it comes to the luxurious lifestyle that the company leads us to believe they all have. You see, more often than not, the guys and girls in the back have to scratch and claw their way to the top, and that journey sometimes takes even longer than actually getting there in the first place.

A perfect example of this will be shown to you in the form of these five entries, who have all worked tooth and nail to get to where they are today – and unfortunately, ‘where they are today’ doesn’t always describe a happy ending. But hey, at least they’re able to earn millions working for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world right? Wrong.

By comparison to the big names in the company, these guys earn diddly squat. Okay, that may be an exaggeration as they’re probably on a comfortable living, but several of the names that have left WWE in the last few years have stated that the money they’re being paid isn’t worth sacrificing their happiness.

So with that all being said, here are five underutilised Superstars who have been with WWE for a long time. Disclaimer: some of these totals may have been exaggerated by about 3-6 months, but come on - just go with it.

#5 Tyler Breeze – 7 years

Breeze deserves better than this

Poor old Tyler Breeze. The man completely re-invented himself down in NXT and earned himself a promotion to the main roster not too long ago; but since then, things haven’t exactly gone to plan. The selfie stick king had been relegated to jobber status prior to his partnership with Fandango, and even now he’s still struggling to make an impact.

While the Fashion Police may be incredibly over with some members of the WWE Universe over on SmackDown Live, the two men are still severely underutilised considering how well-rounded they are. We understand that there’s a lot of depth on the blue brand right now, but their upcoming tag title shot is going to be nothing more than a one-off and that’s a shame.

The Titus Brand is here to stay.

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